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Wholesale Distribution

If you are a consumer electronics distributor, and you are interested in the distribution of our partner brands, please do let us know. Here's what we will do.

  1. Our team member will meet you personally and will explain to you the benefits of our brands and the product portfolio covered by the brands. ​

  2. We will give you live product demos.

  3. We will give you all the marketing materials for the brands.

  4. We will list you as one of the official resellers or distributors of the brand in India. 

  5. We will share any marketing costs with you for promoting our brand partners in India.

  6. We will offer you full digital marketing support to make sure you are getting enough leads and business from our side.

  7. We will make sure that all leads coming to us or the brands directly are diverted immediately to your company.

  8. We believe in making partnerships successful and win-win for everyone involved in the business. 

For distributorship or reseller inquiries please get in touch with Ajay Mishra on or you can call him on +91- 9320750780 / +91-7770088483

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