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We bring your brands to India

  1. We analyze the market potential for your brand and product in the Indian market.

  2. We provide you with the market segmentation and available market share for your brand and product.

  3. We prepare the marketing and business plan for your understanding and acceptance.

  4. We work out the pricing for Online & Offline for all customer segments, including resellers, direct consumers, and distributors. 

  5. We make our final proposal to the brands to become the marketing partners or direct exclusive distributors for the brands in India.

  6. Marketing Partnership - we help with promoting your brand in India and take a percentage share of the total sales.

  7. Exclusive Distributorship - we sign the exclusive distributorship agreement with your company and purchase the minimum required quantity from your company. We become the exclusive distributors for your brand on the PAN India level. 

To learn more about the marketing partnership and exclusive distributorship proposal from our company, please get in touch directly with :

Ajay, +91-9320750780 / +91-777008483/

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