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Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing mean everything in a nutshell for any business and for any brand. If there is no marketing, there are no sales, if there are no sales there is no demand, and if there is no demand means there is not enough Marketing. 

As ALPS Enterprises, we take the efforts to make and execute sales & marketing plans for your brands. 

Sales support includes :

  1. Opening your vendor or seller accounts with India's leading online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Reliance Digital, Croma, and many others.

  2. Opening your vendor accounts with India's leading offline consumer electronic stores.

  3. Hiring a sales team for your brands in India and giving them the necessary training and mentorship to achieve sales.

  4. Hiring young graduates from MBA schools in India, who will help with the sales and marketing of your brand in the Indian market.

Marketing support includes :

  1. We connect your sales team with the marketing teams of leading corporates in India for cross-marketing activities.

  2. We let your brand use our digital marketing team for promoting your brand on all social media platforms in India.

  3. We help with the PR activities for your brands, right from making Press Releases to the Distribution of the press release. 

  4. We will help to conduct your video reviews, write-ups, and listings with India's leading and known players in the market.

  5. We will help you to connect with the right people in the marketing field in India.

  6. We will help you also to work directly with any marketing agency or work through us, either way is fine for us.

For any sales & marketing support related inquiries, please get in touch with Ajay Mishra on +91-9320750780 

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